Dental Sealants

Cavities can be prevented by maintaining good oral care, but dental sealants are opted to be the best solution for prevention of cavities among children and elders. Dental sealants are a simple and inexpensive procedure which have been proven to be effective.

Dental sealant is a thin coating which is painted on the molars and pre- molars. This coating acts as a protective shield and can safeguard teeth against cavities for a long time. Our efficient team at Advanced Dental Smiles would make sure that dental sealants would stay effectively for a long period after placement and would also recommend getting periodical check-ups.

Sealants vs Fillings- Which one to use?
  • Sealants and Fillings differ in terms of longevity, amount of modification that is required to be done to the actual tooth and the patient’s oral health in general.
  • Sealants are typically opted for children to protect their molars from decaying whereas fillings can be used for anyone to restore a tooth from decay.
  • Another difference is that a sealant just fills in the ridges and grooves of the tooth whereas for a filling, the natural tooth structure needs to be modified because of the tooth decay.

Fortunately, you can rely on our professionals at Advanced Dental Smiles, Warminster to make an informed decision for you.


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